Two Chic Apartments And Home Style

Home Designing from Taiwan presents two chic apartments. Designed in fresh furniture selections, beautiful colored wall, and deluxe marbled bathrooms, these two apartments look so great and different from usual apartments in the styles and sizes. The best furniture selections and the great lighting make these two apartments appear more luxurious.

We will begin with the living room that is decorated with the grey domination. This color is modern and neutral so it is the best choice color in any period. Moreover, this color is possible to give cool effect that is suitable to stay inside gathering with the whole family. This living room is arranged in the L letter, so it is appropriate to put the flatscreen television.

Traditional Wood and Stone Ceramics Combination

Beside appeared very luxurious, it is also appeared unique and elegant. The uniqueness comes from the traditional wood combination in some sides. Combined by the traditional wood, the window and the doors look more unique. Some others furniture which are also decorated with the traditional wood are such as the cupboard for the clothes, work table, vanity, desk lamp, accessories and so on. These all affect the unique effect inside the modern scheme.

The other combination of these two chic apartments is the stone ceramics. The bathrooms are more elegant by the ceramics stone decorations around the walls and the floors. Moreover, the bathrooms which are colored by black and a little bite white combination give very much luxurious and clean.

Simple and Unique Children Bedroom

Combined by the traditional wood furniture and the floor, it looks so simple but unique. In this bedroom, there are two beds covered by the beautiful blue and pink cover beds. Some windows are set up to allow fresh air from outside and the light brighten the whole sides of the bedroom. A unit of seat and a table are possible to be used for the children to study. For the wall, it is decorated by the playing children picture. Therefore, this children bedroom is very appropriate for them.

Home by the Sea

Placed on the peninsula cliff between Milford and Castor Bay, particularly on the North of New Zealand, the home is called the stylish Home by the sea. For the modern people who have many responsible to be done in their daily life, sometimes, they will need to refresh their mind. This home by the sea is the answer. Designed by the architect Richard Priest, it offers many beauty panorama of the sea that can be enjoyed any time.

A large outdoor living completed with three sofas allows them to enjoy the great sunrise and the beautiful sunset. From outside, this home appears so bright and glamour. This is the effect of the wall glasses around the home so that the light of the lamp can be seen so bright from the outside.

The Largest Space Plan inside the Home

This home is dominantly arranged in the large space. The living room is possible to be filled about twenty chairs, two tables, and some cupboards. You can imagine how large is that. This arrangement allows the owner to enjoy their relax times.

The largest bedrooms are also found in this home. It is competed by a bed, some sofas, some relax chairs, twin vanity, glamour bathroom, and glass doors. The bathroom is completed by the large bathtub besides the window. Another large room is the wine room. Here the owner can enjoy various wines while looking at the panorama outside the home. This home is surrounded by the large field completed many flowers and plants. Above it, there is a great panorama of the sea that can be seen from the entire of the home sides. To make this home to be more beautiful, it is decorated by many vases completed by various plants inside the home. As a result, this home is recommended to get the refreshment.

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