Single Family Residence or Tel Aviv Apartment?

Modern chic style of single family residence in the color of light sky blue becomes the background of green garden found in front of the house combined with road with white little stones in left and right sides of the road. Coming closer to the house, it can be seen find sparkling design in combination of white color used as frames of glasses window and doors. Special for the design of garage, it is painted in the color of rosy brown. On the back side of the house, there is additional building covered by glasses.

Another modern tone of this house also can be seen from application of steel fire place among the wooden square glasses wall and piano in front of it to decorate white colored recreation room. Single family residence defined also can be made by adding orange color in the form of vase with green plant, cushion and ceramic hanging on the corner of wall including wooden table in front of Gainsboro sofa. Natural orange color also can be created by wooden table applied as dinning table found in this house. To make more beautiful decoration, orchid flower can be out on the table.

Near the dinning table, it is found kitchen with classic design coming from wooden furniture such as cabinet combined with white colored wall and the surface of the cabinet. Applying accessories such as crystal cup and pendant lamp with glass frame can give luxurious accent in decorating the classic design of kitchen. You also can add black TV to give modern accent.

Unique decoration is also sound in the design of stairs made from wood painted in white color with crystal pendant lamp above the stairs. It makes the decoration of the house more attractive. Another unique accessory also found in the form of the broken fragment shaping certain picture hanging on wall in recreation room. This single family residence condominium detached also provides another recreation room with orange color in the form of unique stools and pillows. 

Tel Aviv Apartment Design Offering Extraordinary House

Starting from a perfect combination of classic and modern in the form of wooden wall and floor combined with modern roofing design in the color of black and white found in tel aviv apartment, it make the interior design of this apartment really inspiring. Colorful color decoration found in the living room also can be great ideas in making attractive room design. It can be begun from adding rainbow colors in the storage in front of living room by arranging based on the color of the book or it can be added by displaying collection of dolls. It can be combined with medium purple sofa with pillows having the same color and yellow. It also can be added wooden table and yellow cushion in front of sofa.

Actually the design of medium purple storage has movable design. It can be dual functions the first side can be the storage and the last can as place for TV. It also can be wall partition that divides between living room and bedroom. On the left side of living room especially on the pole, it is designed little fire place covered by glasses. This compact design will be suitable as tel aviv apartment rentals to give extraordinary living space.

Moved to the design of kitchen applied minimalist design consist of wooden stove top that also has function as storage in the front side combined with sink and saddle brown cabinet on left side of kitchen with oven put in it. In front of the kitchen there is dinning table with foldable window leaves. As the decoration, it is put green and yellow bottle as plant planter on it. This house also has minimalist design with stripes design of white and lavender covered the bed. This room is connected directly to living room with movable door and storage as wall partition. This bedroom also provides stylistic bathroom and comfortable in small design. On the other part of this tel aviv apartment for rent, there is private working place in combination color black and white.

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