Single Family Residence And Lighting Design

Sparkling single family residence redesigned in the color of Gainsboro color combined with glasses door and windows creates beautiful house design as background of house picture with two trees in front of the house. Built in large space, the design of the house also offered luxurious house as private living space. Colorful accents applied in the furniture design are also visible from the outside through the glasses applied in the house.  

Starting from the design of living room that consists of lavender sofa, sofa in the form of lounge in black color and glass table with white wooden wheels combined with feather rug in the color of purple create chic design in this room. Wooden bench in the behind of the sofa with abstract painting hanging above it, it makes the design of the room more eyes catching. Near the living room there is another seating place that can be functioned as dinning table with wooden table and black chairs. Moreover, single family residence legal definition can be defined through multicolored interior design of this house.

Another decoration that makes the design of this house more artistic is like the design of lamp applied in above the dinning table. The design of this lamp is made from steel in the color of brown that is pretended to be flied on the white colored roof. Another unique design is also found in this house in the form of unique sofa and the table in the color of royal blue that is put on the other room in the second floor. While, the design of the kitchen also applied sole design of sink table made from wood with black surface in the form of triangle that is like a piece of pizza. On the other hand, minimalist furniture is also applied in bedroom design with wooden frame combined with white bed. Single family residence rental agreement is needed to fill all desired such as working place with pink theme.

Casa Q with Various Lighting Design

Glamorous design of casa q can be seen from lighting designs that are applied in the flooring design in the exterior design. The design of the light that is lighted on the wall makes this design of this house brighter. Twinkle lighting is also created by lamp that is applied in the left and right side of the stair in front of the main door. It becomes livelier when it is combined with trees besides the stairs and green garden with colorful flowers in front of the house.

Entering to the kitchen design of this house, there are red stools with bumpy leather cushion covering the surface of each stool combined with olive color of stove top that also has function as dinning table. Another red accent also found in color design of backsplash on the cabinet in the kitchen. To create sparkling design of Casa Q Albuquerque it is applied crystal pendant lamp above the stove top. Steel kitchen ware applied in the form of extractor fan under the pendant lamp make glossy decoration in the kitchen.

Moved to the other room that also has function as living room, there are white chairs with wooden wheels combined with wooden table. It is also applied unique ventilation in round shape made from wood with stripes design found on the roof. To divide the living room and the other room, it is applied wooden wall partition designed like opened windows. Near living room, it is provides piano in black color. Loft design is also found in this house with stairs in circling design in the color of white that can be used to go to the loft. On the other part of this house, it is also found circling accessories in blue color hanging on the roof in the second floor. This house also provides dynamic bathroom design dominated by white color. On the back side of casa q Miami, there is large garden that can be used as green view from the living room.

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