Industrial Home And California Wine Country Home

Placed in Terrassa, Bracelona, this home explores the softly use of screening plants and to liberate the transparent divisions. This house is about 200 square meters and 10 linear feet of  the actual wall that is implemented. As a result, it looks very large.

By placing the seats sunk about a meter under the real floor, it appears so unique. It can also create the precious times of intimacy because it is arranged closely between one seat and another. And it will be very comfort to stay there spending the free time. In front of the seats, it is placed the television, so it is very suitable to make it as the family room.

Plants Combination inside the Industrial House

To be such a new inspiration to create a healthy habit around the family environment, this industrial home is set up differently. Usually, the plants are set up outside the house, but in this design, they are planted inside the house. By these plants, the house will be calm and soothe. However, the plants are chosen not to affect the wild animals can live in those plants. The plants that are recommended to be planted inside the house are the plants that are safe for the family and also can give the field for the pets such as a dog or cat. The plants are arranged in some spots such as around the living room, kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom.

Beside it is such a natural house scheme, it is also combined by the stainless banks units that can cause the light surrounding the house. It also continues the industrial décor look. The light of the dining room is also affected by the industrial feel. The combination between various plants and stainless banks, the house looks so natural and bright.

A Serene California Wine Country Home

A home that is set on 22 acre of plot and 578 square feet consists of 3 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms. It is worth of $8,995,000. It also comes with tower in 12-fllot glass that allows the homeowners to see a quite panorama of the countryside. It is also completed with the glass door to allow the homeowners to discover into a pool and to get sun of the Californian Wine Country. In this home, the homeowners can discover their view beyond the view Sonoma Valley, Diablo Mount, Tamalpais  Mount, and San Pablo Bay.

Outside the home, it is dominantly colored by the brown. It is also placed in the middle of the greatest nature scenery. Beside the pool, it is completed with the seat of bed that is also completed by the pillow, and so on.

Various Furniture of the Home

The Serene California Wine Country Home consists of various furniture. From the living room, it is completed by more than five seat of sofa. In each sofa, it consists of many colorful pillows. It is to allow the homeowners can make their guests enjoy inside the home. This scheme is also applied the same application by arranging many chairs and with various colors in the detailed furniture. In the kitchen, we arrange the furniture in wood dominant material of furniture. The kitchen is colored using the dark brown to avoid being dirty easily.

For the bedroom, it is designed in the colorful theme. It is aimed to make the homeowners are not easily bored onside the bedroom. In the bedroom, it is also arranged using the glass wall to allow the homeowners can enjoy the great panorama outside the home.

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