Clara House as Glasses And Interior Colorful Decoration

Boxes covered by glasses are the exterior design offered by casa aguas clara. The glasses material covered all part in the front side wall of this house including in the design front side wall in the second floor, but there is different glasses applied in the first floor and in the second floor. The glasses applied in the first floor have blurred design while transparent glasses are applied in the second floor. It has function to make the interior design in the first floor to give privacy.   

At the same time, the back side of this house is also applied glasses with many wooden board applied especially in the second floor design. It might have function as curtain to protect the house from heat of sunlight. Moved to interior design of casa aguas claras cachagua that is decorated by using minimalist design as one of the example is the design of recreation room. This room is designed using light gray color sofa and two white unique stools combined with transparent glass table in front of fire place in natural color imitating stonesâ color.

Minimalist interior design is also used in designing the living room that is applied light gray sofas and papas and two rattan chairs combined with black color pillows as contras color. As the table of this room, it is applied orange color of wooden table in round shaped. Sparkling design of glasses is also applied in the design of dinning table in another room in this house combined with pendant lamp above the table.

In the private room of this house, it is dominated by white and wood color as theme in decorating the bedroom. White color is applied in the form of bed and pillow, while wood is applied in design of unique cabinet in the corner of bedroom. Casa aguas claras ramon coz is also used little wooden laths to decorate sole garden design in this house. 

Interior Design in Colorful Decoration

Chic style is offered by palo alto eichler with interior design dominated by white color and colorful accent in the form of furniture and decoration applied in every room in this house. One of the examples is the design of living room. There are various accessories and furniture applied in this room with colorful color. It can be seen there is cabinet with mirror applied in the front design that can reflect gold color in the room design. Above the white cabinet, there are two standard lamps with purple wheel on each of lamp, it is also put red flower to make it more attractive.

Moved to the design of the seating place in the living room, it is put white color sofa combined with glasses table in front of the sofa. To give colorful color in this room, it is furnished by orange color of pillows in geometric pattern and it is also applied carpet in the color of bright purple under the white sofa. Glass roof is added in the design of palo alto eichler remodel to give natural light and create sparkling design when sunlight reflect the ball accessory put in front of fire place.

Moreover, red accent is also applied in this house especially in the kitchen design. This color is applied in the form of cushions applied in the stools and red frame of pendant lamp above the dinning table in front of the kitchen. Sun flower in yellow color also can be used as another accent of color in decorating the kitchen to make it more interesting. Another seating place lying on the wall in the color of orange with mural design combined with colorful color of pillows can be an option to create charming design in the kitchen and to give comfortable reading place in the kitchen. Palo alto eichler homes for sale also can apply contrast color of black and white to create more attractive design.

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